Tihange nuclear power plant

The Tihange nuclear power station (CNT) is located in the town of Huy, along the right bank of the Meuse. On the site there are 3 nuclear PWR reactors (pressurized water reactor) with a total capacity of 3,008 MW. They were put into operation in the period 1975-1985. The plant represents about 15% of total electricity production capacity in Belgium.
Safety is our top priority
Safety is our top priority

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The Tihange nuclear power plant adopts an open communication policy. Throughout the year, it organises a range of communication activities including brochures, meetings, press conference and releases, etc. 

If you are a journalist and wish to contact us, please get in touch with the head of external communication at the Tihange power plant:

Serge Dauby 
Tel.: 085 24 30 41 

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If you are a contractor, you will find here all information you need (general and specific conditions, documents to fill in, access procedures…)

Long term operation

Long term operation

Did you know that our Tihange 1 and Doel 1 & 2 nuclear power stations are far from obsolete, but instead still meet the strictest international standards? Or that on average we invest 300 million euros annually in our nuclear power stations? Indeed they are no longer the power stations of 40 years ago; over the course of the years they have been constantly updated and modernised. Doel 1 & 2 and Tihange 1 have around 90% availability, making them among the best 25% nuclear power stations worldwide. And did you know that of the 443 reactors in operation around the world, 63 are still operating safely after a lifetime of 40 years? Or that in the world as a whole, nuclear power stations routinely have their operating lifetime extended to 60 or even 80 years?

Presse note LTO Doel 1 et Doel 2 (in French)

Read all about it at the AFCN website
Status of the 3 units at 16 January 2017

Status of the 3 units at 16 January 2017

Tihange 1: unplanned stop

Tihange 2: operational

Tihange 3: operational

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Profile of the 3 units

Dialogue with local people

The Doel and Tihange nuclear power plants attach a great deal of importance to integrating with the life of their region. They have set up consultation bodies that help them communicate with the stakeholders and they keep local people informed through a specific magazine.

Local Residents’ Committee

Local Residents’ Committee

The local residents’ committee was set up in 2007 in Tihange with a view to reinforcing the links between local people and the power plant. At its meetings, the committee covers topics and questions related to the activities of the nuclear power plant in total transparency.

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Visit us

Visit us

There is often still an air of mystery surrounding everything to do with nuclear energy and nuclear power plants. ENGIE Electrabel offers you the chance to get to know this universe. A visit to the power plant in Tihange is a good starting point. Attention: visits to the nuclear power plants are not possible for the moment.

The Tihange power plan houses a permanent exhibition on nuclear energy which is only accessible in the frame of a guided tour on the plant.

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