Electrabel, ENGIE Group, has taken note of the decision issued by the Constitutional Court on the 17th of September, dismissing its annulment claim against the 2013 nuclear contribution.

In its decision, the Court did not take into account the significant decrease of the results out of Belgian nuclear generation. Yet the €422 million contribution borne by Electrabel in 2013, to which the amount of various taxes due by the company must be added, exceeded the total operating results of all of Electrabel’s operating activities in Belgium. This confiscatory tax burden on Electrabel, at a time when its financial situation has deteriorated significantly, has led to losses for Electrabel in 2013.

Electrabel reiterates that, in the meantime, the CREG, in its study from March 2015, recalculated the amount of the profit margin for all nuclear operators for the year 2014 which resulted in an amount four times lower than the amount calculated in 2011. The study confirms Electrabel’s consistent position before the courts: i.e. that the income from its nuclear activities has dropped significantly in recent years due to the drop in market prices and the increase in operating costs of all Belgian power plants.

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