ENGIE M2M shifts up a gear in expanding its SigFox network in Belgium.

On 24 November 2015, the ENGIE Group and Telenet signed a cooperation agreement on the development of the SigFox cellular network in Belgium specialising in the 'Internet of Things' (IoT). The IoT is an innovation designed to give everyday objects (wireless) Internet connectivity so that they can exchange data with each other. For example, this new network enables better and significantly cheaper product monitoring than other existing technologies. There are numerous applications, take, for instance, the checking and control of such parameters as air quality or temperature in a given environment, the monitoring and collection of specific data like the real-time measurement of energy or water consumption, the geolocation of people and vehicles, and so on. It is expected that within the next three years several million objects, including bicycles, smoke detectors, smart metres and cars, will be able to communicate using ENGIE's machine-to-machine (M2M) network.

Specifically, under the cooperation agreement Telenet will place its infrastructure at ENGIE's disposal to enable the swifter development of SigFox's antenna network. In addition, Telenet will provide antenna connectivity.
The network is already up and running in 10 Belgian cities, along the entire Belgian coast and even far out at sea, and by mid-2016 it will cover the vast majority of Belgium.

Early in 2015, ENGIE acquired a stake in the French company SigFox, a global pioneer in developing wireless networks that enable connectivity between appliances. In addition, the establishment of the company ENGIE M2M in June 2015, which represented a total investment of €4 million, made the ENGIE Group the exclusive national network operator of SigFox's technology in Belgium. Two subsidiaries of ENGIE, Cofely and Fabricom will be among the actors involved in rolling out and maintenance of the network.

ENGIE's aim in playing such a trailblazing role is to prepare for the future and become the leading actor in the energy transition. This is why the Group wants to speed up its transformation and ensure that this cooperation with Telenet enables it to become a key actor in developing the Internet of Things. The innovative nature of this technology will enable many companies, as well as municipal and local authorities to become more innovative, develop new activities and applications, and improve the services provided to their customers.

Dirk Indigne, the CEO of ENGIE M2M said: “Cooperating with Telenet will help ENGIE become a large-scale provider of this technology to its customers. ENGIE M2M and the relevant subsidiaries of ENGIE, Electrabel and Cofely, will market different services and solutions associated to this high performance-technology. Electrabel is investigating how this technology can be integrated into the range of services it offers professional customers and individuals in Belgium, with a view to improving its own service provision even further. Cofely will use the ENGIE M2M network to improve its building management services.”

Martine Tempels, Senior Vice-President Telenet Business, added: “We are grateful for this opportunity to work with ENGIE M2M and use our network to help provide superior connectivity with a view to further developing the IoT market, to the benefit of Belgium and Belgian companies and consumers.”

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