Electrabel takes note of the complaint filed by the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC) on third August to the public prosecutor of Huy.

In the complaint, FANC emphasizes that the analysis and the communication regarding the test results of a valve were not executed within the procedures and the fixed time frame. This time frame is regulated in the Technical Operation Specifications (TOS) agreed between the Tihange site and the FANC.

Although the health of the neighbors and our employees was never at risk, the exceeding observed by Electrabel and communicated to the FANC, entails a discordance of our agreements with the FANC. Electrabel notified the events in all transparency to the FANC who underlines it.

At this moment, all systems are safely running. Electrabel has already drawn up a concrete action plan to bring the additional safety measures recommended by the FANC, into force. All necessary measures will be taken in all transparency and in closest consultation with the FANC and the authorities concerned.

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