Values, Ethics and Well-being at work

A sustainable company is an ethical company. Ethics are the bedrock of the ENGIE Group’s activities. They start with the application of its values that were chosen by all its employees.
Everywhere in the world, they unite its teams around a common core, a shared foundation.

Our values

Guaranteeing our performance over the long term for all our stakeholders, continually seeking efficiency and innovation on behalf of our clients and in the public service.

Advancing the Group’s development with respect for the planet while providing essential services for people.

Living in the present with optimism and building for the future with creativity.

Mobilising all our strengths with a shared spirit of teamwork to make energy and the environment sustainable sources of progress and development.

Ethical behavior

The ENGIE Group and its subsidiaries’ ethical standards are reflected in the four fundamental principles that guide its practices:

2 documents to know more: the Group's Ethics Charter and the Ethics Guidelines

Consult the Ethics page on the ENGIE website

Health, Safety and Well-being at work

Health, Safety and Well-being at work are fundamental values to ENGIE Electrabel. Since 1995, successive Global Health and Safety Plans provided a structure to the approach to Health, Safety and Well-being at work.

The company will rely on its Global Health and Safety Plan 2015-2020 to achieve its goal “zero accident”. The plan dovetails with a general approach focused on dynamic risk management and is the result of discussions with various stakeholders. It embodies the company’s strategy for Well-being at work for the next five years.

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