Green energy for power

Biomass power plants are one source of green electricity. Our conventional power plants at Awirs (Flémalle) and Rodenhuize are solely powered by biomass (e.g. wood pellets) to generate electricity. These power plants, which were previously fuelled by coal, have been turned into units wholly run on biomass.

Our biomass power plants

Max Green: 100% biomass

Max Green: 100% biomass

The Max Green biomass power plant in Rodenhuize has a biomass capacity of 205 MW and is one of Belgium’s largest green electricity generation facilities. It can generate between 1.1 and 1.2 TWh of green energy every year, which is equal to the volume of electricity consumed by 320,000 households.

Brochure Max Green (in French)
Wood pellets

Wood pellets

A verification procedure guarantees the sustainability of the biomass.

ENGIE Lab plays a prominent role in the biomass certification
Les Awirs: 100% biomass

Les Awirs: 100% biomass

The Awirs biomass power plant has a capacity of 80 MW and can generate 600 GWh a year, equal to the electricity consumed by 175,000 households.

Brochure Awirs (in French)

A sustainable fuel

The combustion of biomass is considered to be CO2 neutral. The quantity of CO2 released into the atmosphere during combustion is equal to that which biomass took from the air while it grew.

A verification procedure has been created together with ENGIE Lab, ENGIE Electrabel’s centre of expertise for research and development, with a view to guaranteeing the sustainability of the biomass used. The various steps in the biomass supply chain were investigated taking into account sustainability criteria, including:

The procedure has been approved by the Flemish and Walloon authorities and is controlled by an independent control body.

Biomass power plants: stable and reliable facilities

Belgium’s geographic, climatological and urban nature restricts the development of hydraulic, wind and solar energies, so biomass plays a major role in this regard. Generating electricity using biomass power plants is stable and extremely predictable to the extent that these power plants may be used as base loading units.

Biomass plays a key role in ENGIE Electrabel’s green energy mix. 50% of our green energy capacity is generated by this CO2-neutral source of energy.

How does it work?

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There exist other methods to generate electricity from biomass:

Did you know: burning biomass is CO2 neutral. It only releases into the atmosphere the carbon dioxide stored during the growth of the vegetation.

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The world of energy

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