Electrabel has confirmed that the Belgian nuclear reactors are gradually being brought back online. The AFCN – Belgium's federal agency for nuclear control – gave the green light to restart the Doel 4 reactor. With a capacity of 1000 MW, Doel 4 should once again be able to generate electricity on 15 December, keeping to the schedule published by Electrabel. With the scheduled restart of Doel 4, a total of three reactors – Doel 3, Tihange 1 and Doel 4 – will produce local and decarbonised electricity.


Doel 4 has not been operating since 6 August: it was closed for scheduled maintenance, together with inspections of the concrete structures in the bunker building. Electrabel’s teams have been working almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week over the last few months on carrying out the work demanded by the safety authority. The most recent inspections have confirmed that the bunker located in the non-nuclear section is in compliance with all current standards.


To help secure Belgium's electricity supply and meet the obligations it has towards its two million customers, Electrabel has been going to exceptional measurements since September to free up more than 1200 MW of additional local capacity. These measurements are:

  • Restarting Vilvoorde’s gas power station, which had been out of commission since 2014, following an agreement with the owner EMGB (an additional 255 MW)
  • Optimising the efficiency of thermal power plants (an additional 100 MW)
  • Installing additional mobile units at Electrabel’s production sites (which now total 410 MW)
  • Managing the demand of its industrial clients (an additional 500 MW)


The ENGIE Group’s thermal and hydraulic power stations in France, the Netherlands and Germany are also available.


Electrabel points out that the restart date of a nuclear reactor is always a best estimate.


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