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We want to be a partner of major companies and public authorities and support and help them in their efforts to better use energy. Our range of tailor-made services enable all customers to manage their energy consumption more freely and efficiently.

"Bearing in mind the vehicle's life cycle and what you save in petrol, going green is advantageous in the long run." Van Dievel Transport

Tailor-made gas and electricity contracts

Your Account Manager is on hand to devise your purchasing strategy with you. They also serve as your main point of contact with our teams of specialists.

Take advantage, for example, of comprehensive 24-hour technical support in the event of a power cut. Quickly restore the electricity supply to your infrastructure.

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A trust-based relationship made to last

The risk of power cuts and the resulting consequences have been the top concern of many major companies and industrial groups since 2014.

We offer our customers a tailor-made solution to help them to identify and eliminate the potential risks. By launching our Blackout Scan pilot solution, we have taken another step towards our aim of serving as an active partner to companies to help them to spotlight potential risks and anticipate any critical situations, such as a power cut or black-out.

We also encourage our biggest customers to become pioneers in the fight against global warming. 18% of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe are produced by the transport sector. ENGIE Electrabel is committed to promoting cost-effective modes of transport that emit little CO2. With this in mind, we forge partnerships to develop for our customers solutions geared towards vehicles powered by natural gas or electricity.

Some of our services

CarPlug service

CarPlug service

The CarPlug service enables companies to remotely control the charging and consumption of all of their vehicles.

  • Control the charging of vehicles
  • Charging is 60% faster than with a conventional cable
  • Can be controlled remotely
CarPlug service
Blackout Scan

Blackout Scan

Overcome your fears of a black-out or power cut and get to know your potential risks.

  • Extensive analysis tool
  • Over 15¬†fields assessed (e.g. refrigeration, emergency lighting)
  • A detailed report including scores for each field
Blackout Scan


Does your company need a lot of electricity and heat? Then cogeneration may be a solution.

  • Yield of up to over 85%
  • Complete support (feasibility study, implementation, maintenance)
  • Flexible investment

ZooAnversOur company is a special case when it comes to energy management: our site was created 171 years ago and has grown over the course of successive projects. Just look at our infrastructure. All the animals that have arrived over the years each need a new shelter and require different solutions for heating, cooling, insulation, and so on.So if there is a power cut the workspace lighting may be adequate but there are not yet backup generators throughout the site.

We used the Blackout Scan to assess our facilities and energy supplies and pinpointed areas for improvement.The Blackout Scan identified the weak spots in our zoo. We now know that areas such as the aquarium and the ice floe need the most energy and are the most vulnerable to a power cut. If the pumps and purification system are not supplied with electricity within four hours, the fish will die. The facility used to treat the water for the penguins is based on bioculture and also quickly begins to deteriorate if deprived of electricity.This all shows the extent to which the security of supply is important for us.

The Scan forced us to think about the problem of black-outs and showed us how to draw up a priority plan to guarantee the safety of our animals and visitors.

Interview with Jan Luyckx, technical manager for the Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp (KMDA), which manages Antwerp zoo and the Planckendael wildlife park.

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